Convenience Store Woman : #JapaneseLit ★★★.5

It is a short, quirky and idiosyncratic story with its set of blemishes. The protagonist Keiko won’t leave you easily. Though she may not be very relatable you would want to read about her more to get some insights on how she functions. Keiko is socially oblivious yet she makes multiple attempts to fit into the same ‘social circle’ by imitating others. The circle of … Continue reading Convenience Store Woman : #JapaneseLit ★★★.5

Normal People: A tale of oddity ★★★

The entire narrative is about its characters and their progression over the years. It is an unlikely love story which can tear you apart but can fill your heart with warmth. The novel is gripping in the beginning but plummets down in the middle. It talks about issues like depression and people transcending it. A twisted tale of two people falling in love over and … Continue reading Normal People: A tale of oddity ★★★