Convenience Store Woman : #JapaneseLit ★★★.5

It is a short, quirky and idiosyncratic story with its set of blemishes. The protagonist Keiko won’t leave you easily. Though she may not be very relatable you would want to read about her more to get some insights on how she functions. Keiko is socially oblivious yet she makes multiple attempts to fit into the same ‘social circle’ by imitating others. The circle of … Continue reading Convenience Store Woman : #JapaneseLit ★★★.5

5 Debut Novels you wouldn’t believe were a Debut

Today we are talking about debut novels. There are obviously more than 5 debut novels that I absolutely adore. But somehow I’m restricting to five for now. The Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini One of the most memorable books I have read till now.  I was overwhelmed, in tears by the end. For days I didn’t express anything as I was lost in the reverie … Continue reading 5 Debut Novels you wouldn’t believe were a Debut

Goodreads Monday | 5-May-19

Lately, I have been into contemporary fiction more than classic which was kind-of my niche until I realised that I need to explore contemporary works. So, here we are doing a Goodreads Monday on it. (Scroll down to know what Goodreads Monday is) Featuring today is a very popular contemporary book which is in much book talk recently. An American Marriage by Tayari Jones Newlyweds … Continue reading Goodreads Monday | 5-May-19