Book Tag: The Joy Of Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I found The Joy Of Christmas Book Tag over on Adventures of a Bibliophile and Stephanie’s wonderful answers in her post instantly made me wonder about my responses. Struck by a sudden realization of not having done any holiday book tag this year I decided to give this tag a shot before the clock strikes midnight for Christmas! Anticipation: The Christmas excitement … Continue reading Book Tag: The Joy Of Christmas

Book Tag: 2017 Year in Book Review

Merry Christmas everyone. Teaching my nerves to be under control and failing because it is exactly 2 days until the celebration of the year. It’s officially the time to revisit the past year filled with happiness and despair, laughter and sadness, success and failure and so much more. A time to celebrate the gift of life with family and friends exchanging presents and spreading the love. … Continue reading Book Tag: 2017 Year in Book Review

Book Tag: My Name In TBR Books

Greetings to one and all! It’s time for another Book Tag. If you have been following my previous posts you would know that I have recently started doing book tags on the blog as well. I came across Rachael @ Beach Bookworm doing the My Name In TBR Books tag and her choice of books intrigued me to give it a shot. Rachael has given me major blogging goals. So, … Continue reading Book Tag: My Name In TBR Books

Book Tag: Finally Fall Book Tag

The joy of reading has made me do something which I have never done before. A Book Tag. Well, there is always a first time. While scrolling through the posts, I came across the Finally Fall Book tag by Adventures of a Bibliophile, which was originally created by Alina aka Tall Tales.  I thought it would be a perfect way to bid adieu to Fall 2017 by dedicating this post … Continue reading Book Tag: Finally Fall Book Tag