Tag | The Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag

Greetings everyone. Today’s tag is Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag in which I have to make a zombie team with book characters. For the background let me tell you that I don’t like anything scary. I am a person who gets scared very easily and by anything. It is to the extent that I haven’t watched any horror movie or read any scary books. So, obviously, I don’t … Continue reading Tag | The Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag

Tag | Anything But Books Tag

Greetings everyone. I’m back with another tag. Anything But Books Tag was very kindly tagged to me by the lovely Emma over at Thoughts of a Brown Eyed Girl. She is the most amazing person and this is very well reflected in her posts too. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her answers. Let me move to the questions straight away. 1. Cartoon(s) that you love? I don’t remember … Continue reading Tag | Anything But Books Tag