Why I love Jane Eyre

Do you like the characters in your books? Of course, you do! 

Have you met a character that stays close to your heart and doesn’t leave you easily. A character you relate to. A character you turn to in times of need. Have you ever loved a character to the extent that he/she pops into your head every once in a while?

Today is one such day. I woke up thinking about Jane Eyre.

It is seldom that we come across a fictional heroine that reassures faith in ourselves. She becomes an inspirational figure in an otherwise grey world. For me, it has been a young girl unaware of her self worth who never failed to assert herself, Jane Eyre.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte is the first book I read and fell in love with reading. My sister brought home a second-hand copy of Jane Eyre and handed it over to me. It was quite the opportunity I was looking for.

Not only the book but I love Jane Eyre. She was not a remarkable beauty and was constantly reminded of this fact by her family. Her cousins and aunt mistreated her and sent her off to a charity school. She had no sense of home or belonging. Happy is a word she didn’t understand.

In spite of having a disturbed childhood, Jane never failed to believe in herself. She never questioned her abilities instead she turned out to be an excellent student, teacher, and governess later on. I solely admire her courage, quest for freedom, her integrity, and empathy.

The reason I adore Jane is that I see a progression in her character throughout her life. Right from her childhood she never falls short of her principles. She grows in her character and wears out the same before taking up another, a better, sensible version of her. She emerges as a powerful, opinionated Jane from whatever situations life throws her in.

She never compromises her dignity for anyone not even for the love of her life. She loved Rochester but he already had a wife. She leaves him. It must have taken immense courage to abandon her happiness just like that. Yet, her sense of freedom conflicted with being Rochester’s mistress.

She has taught me to never surrender to the circumstances and lose your identity to seek happiness. My happiness lies within me and it needs no corroboration, no validation from the outside world.

For someone who had spent a good amount of time dealing with body shaming, Jane’s courage sets an example. She fills me with power, makes me aware of my abilities, and transforms me into a fearless being.

I ardently adore Jane. She receives my heartfelt gratitude every single day for giving me life lessons for eternity and making me proud of who I am.

What are your favourite characters? What do you like about them?

Author: Book and Corner

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