2017 Yearly Wrap-up

Wow, I still can’t believe that today is the last day of 2017. If I could sum up my year in a simile, it would be as swift as a deer. As the year draws to an end let me take a moment to go down the memory lane and relive the year within a few lines. It seems like not much time has passed since I marched in 2017 with an aim of reading my unfinished books first to get rid of the curse of leaving books in the middle. This year belonged to many unfinished books, surely a lot of firsts and a year dedicated to Book & Corner.

From January until April, the year was mellow in terms of reading because life happened. I decided to study for Masters leaving work for a while to devote the rest of the year to studies. Alongside, I was completing my unfinished books from the past year. During the summers, I came across Goodreads and instantly fell in love with the idea of tracking my reading progress because I lacked organizational skills. Also, I could set a challenge for the year and post reviews to keep me motivated. I started off on an over-ambitious note with setting 30 books for the rest of the year and completed my goal with a count of 33 by the end of December. Attaching below the new feature of the yearly review on Goodreads.

Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 8.16.57 PM

All this while, I had been surrounded by people with little or no reading habit and at times I realized being a misfit amongst them. August was the turning point of the year because that’s when I decided to start Book & Corner. The sole reason behind this was the idea of being able to have books related conversations and communicate with the ones who share the same love for books as me. By Fall, I started Bookstagramming and gradually became a part of this wonderful bookish community. The Bookstagram family is so welcoming that within a few months I have made friends and discovered my kind-of space. Snapshotting some of my pictures below.


By September, Bookstagram became a place where I could share my Tolkien love, talk about the books I have read and help each other in increasing our tbr. However, due to the limited space for the content, I turned to a place where I could pour my heart out without worrying about the word limit. This is how blogging happened. This was around October when I started writing book reviews on the blog and interacting with fellow bloggers. Since then I have started a Twitter account for my reading updates, taken part in a year-long reading challenge, and interacted with so many bookworms. Trust me, I still am overwhelmed by the response and the love I have received till now.

In a nutshell, this year has been a year of surprises, a year of risk, a year of self-exploration, a year of reconciliation. Turns out there are stories yet to completed, tasks yet to be accomplished, and new chapters yet to be started. I wish you guys all the luck for the amazing journey which awaits us in the next year.

Happy Reading in 2018!

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Author: Book and Corner

Hi. My name is Mini. I'm usually talking about books and recommending them almost all the time. Stop by and read some of the posts and I hope you find your next best read.

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