Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie ★★★★

This is going to be a short and spoiler-free review aiming to tempt those who haven’t been able to catch up on this book. This was a book which was not initially on my TBR list for November but was carefully bounced up because of the movie adaptation being released this month. And, I am happy to announce that it has become my second favorite Poirot mysteries by Agatha Christie.

This book has been a wonderful ride full of gasps, laughter, flinches, and a murder. The story begins when some people of different histories and cultures travel together in the Orient Express and a mysterious murder takes place.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Agatha Christie is indeed the queen of crime. She weaves magic through her mysteries which becomes all the more intriguing as the story advances. And, Murder On The Orient Express is just the same.

This is a fast read as I was able to finish the book in less than 12 hours and in one go. I was engrossed in the plot right from the beginning and felt myself sitting beside Poirot at times discussing the course of events. Like him, I applied my little grey cells and came up with my own set of speculations that were not coherent with him at all. So, in an attempt at staying away from spoilers, I would not want to discuss more on this. Just want to say, that I loved the mystery.

I think this story is far from being predictable and have no loopholes at least none that I know of. However, I would like to stress upon the fact that you would find the characters often conversing in French which could have been translated for easier comprehension for non-native speakers.

Apart from that, this is a must read and you would find yourself hopping on to the Orient Express before you realize.

Rating: 4/5

Author: Book and Corner

Hi. My name is Mini. I'm usually talking about books and recommending them almost all the time. Stop by and read some of the posts and I hope you find your next best read.

9 thoughts

    1. Thank you. I’m happy that you like it. And I agree, Christie is indeed the queen of murder mysteries. I’m glad to know that the film did justice to the book. I am looking forward to seeing it.

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    1. I love the Poirot series too probably more than Miss Marple ones. Also, I have heard a lot about John Grisham’s work. Adding this one to my tbr.

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