Animal Farm by George Orwell ★★★★★

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. – George Orwell

There are times when you pick up a book with an objective of a light read something which soothes your mind in the midst of a tiring day. Animal Farm is one such book. Glancing at the cover with animals all over it, I anticipated this text to be about animal welfare. Little did I know, that the world which is brilliantly articulated by Orwell had a deeper and profound meaning.

Animal Farm was published in 1945, depicting the prevailing Stalinism in the Soviet, a totalitarian governance where freedom of thoughts, expression, and action was hypothetical. The story revolves around a farm where animals can communicate and are intelligent enough to accomplish their errands without human intervention. Orwell has used this allegory to elucidate on the fact that power can corrupt all and can transform a communist utopia into a totalitarian dystopia.

The story is about Manor Farm where animals worked day and night and even starved to death for producing goods for human beings under the tyranny of human beings.

One day, Old Major called in for a secret meeting and instigated the animals against this oppression by targeting their outburst of emotions. As a result, the animals mutinied to build such a paradise where they were their own masters and sung “Beasts of England” in commemoration of their victory. Manor Farm transformed into Animal Farm and animals paced towards the fulfillment of the dream they once dreamt in the very same farm.

Orwell has surfaced on all the aspects of the economic, political skeleton and the advancing consequences on the common people. He has emphasised the importance of education especially for the vulnerable and disadvantaged sections who can be manipulated by power.

Snowball, one of the reformers, focused on educating the farm, about their principles of Animalism. However, Squealer with his crammed speeches and vocabulary, his syntactically correct yet illogical argumentation managed to brainwash the animals feeding on their sentiments and negative literacy capabilities.

Orwell also talks about the means which the animals adapt for increasing the efficiency of the farm focusing on the economic growth under such governance. Initially, the farm flourished with the division of labor and retirement and other incentives.

There was a remarkable growth in the production levels which were now being produced by the animals for the animals. However, the power politics did not leave the animals unscathed with the refinement of the policies of labor, resulting in an oblivious hierarchy of animals and finally convenient modifications in their very same principles of Animalism.

In a nutshell, Orwell has succeeded in writing a text which brings us closer with our corrupt political framework. It is beyond the usual meandering of animals and is a satirical take on the governance in the entirety.

Perfectly fits into the category of a must-read classics.

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