A Note to my younger self

Today I’m writing a letter to my younger self in an attempt to introspect myself along with reminiscing the past.

I wish I had a time machine which could take me back to the older, peaceful nonchalant days of life.  I wish I could go back in time and read so much more. I wish I knew some things back then which could have saved me from miseries. I wish I could convince myself for taking risks which could have resulted in a lifetime of experiences. If I could write a letter to my younger self?

Dear younger me,

The road to success goes through failures. With every passing day, you would realize the importance of trying as it is making you wise in the long run. Instead of dissipating your energy in worrying, focus on your unfinished errands for now.  Eventually, slowly and steadily walk towards a better you.
Also, the joy of reading speaks to you. Never give up on something you love.

Yours truly,

Future you


Disclaimer: The inspiration behind this post.

Author: Book and Corner

Hi. My name is Mini. I'm usually talking about books and recommending them almost all the time. Stop by and read some of the posts and I hope you find your next best read.

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